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Backyard sports just got a lot more fun for everyone with the next generation in stone throwing games.

"Its is a game like no other"

"It has multiple attributes"

"It can create new game possibilities"

"It can be a team or individual sport"

"It can have a moving target or not"

The mission of Slydysk is to engage everyone with live interactive entertainment.

“Slyding Through Life”

Our vision is to be the game for everyone.

“Let’s Play the Game of Slydysk

The game of Slydysk brings humanity together from all walks of life.  It makes new memories with colleagues, associates, friends and family.  It creates new environments in which to play it and creates plenty of opportunities to expand one’s own potential while having fun playing with everyone else of all ages and skill level.


IceBocce is a moving target sport where two teams battle it out by bumping their opponent away from the target or by bumping the target closer to one of their own dysks.  It starts with a toss of the target jack and the winner’s first player throws the target jack across a sheet of ice than slides an Icebocce Dysk as close to the target jack as possible.  Then the other team’s first player throws a dysk to get closer to the target jack than their opponents.  If they don’t get closer to the target jack, then the next player on the same team throws their dysk and so on until they are closer to the target jack or out of dysks.  (Once they are closer)  The other team throws until they are closer or out of dysks.  Each end or round is over when all 8 dysks have been thrown at the target jack and the score has been counted.  You score one point for each dysk closer to the target jack than their opponents.  Game ends when an end or round has been fully played and one team has scored 12 points.