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Our dysks and handles were designed and developed to make sure that our Icebocce dysks slide with ease and the proper amount of bumping.  Our rigorous product testing was done so we could provide a proven durable product that could withstand extreme temperature changes while being thrown at high velocities against solid structures and not be damaged.

Slydysk is the official game device used in the World Icebocce Association.  Home of the newest thing on ice.

"Let's play the Game of Icebocce"


The game of Icebocce, is a game that combines several games like bowling, curling, bocce, burling, ice stock sport known as Bavarian Curling (eissrockschiessen) and shuffle board.  It is a game most similar to bocce but is played on ice with 8 three pound disks that look like mini curls and a jack or puck.  The official ice court size is 85’(4m) x 13’(25.9m) with side bumpers and end boards, but ideally the game can be played anywhere there’s an ice surface.  This multi age game offers play year round at indoor ice arena's and redefines new outdoor opportunities at your local city ice sheets, backyard ice rinks, or the enjoyment on frozen ponds and lakes while fishing.